Are you looking for the best toaster oven

Basically, a toaster oven sizes like a microwave oven but it utilizes heating element like a regular oven in order to heat food. Mostly, they are designed to sit right on the countertop. Its door can be pulled down like a regular over, but its interior is significantly much smaller.


Nowadays, the models often include a convection cooking. The convection cooking is using a fan at the interior’s back that blows the wind during its operation in order to circular the inside heat for the purpose of equal heat distribution. This would also mean that even though your food is placed near the top of heating element, the bottom and side of your food will still receive similar amount of heat as applied to the top of food.

Toaster oven is not an overly sneaky technology. No lights or lasers will be nuking on your food; this is just purely smart engineering.

The convection cooking is much faster which in other words means you’ll be using less electricity, spend lesser time in kitchen, and can be used in any kinds of cooking with your normal range.

Why would you need one

There are several reasons why you should by a toaster over. First and foremost, let’s consider that both of your toaster oven and the conventional oven use similar amount of electricity during its operation (although it’s not but let’s pretend for the sake of argument). If you are using a convection cooking, the studies showed that you can finish cooking foods 25% quicker as compared to the regular heating. Therefore, you will be able to use lesser electricity with toaster oven as food can be done at much quicker time. As a matter of fact, the conventional oven probably uses 3 or more times electricity in order to cook the similar amount of food. As you can see, there’s a significant reduction in costs operation in the convection oven as compared to the regular ones.

If you want to cook much faster, save more money on operation costs, pay less electricity, and evenly cook your meals, then turning to toaster oven would be a great decision.

What to look for in a best toaster oven

If you are now thinking about buying your own toaster oven, you definitely have numerous options available to you. There are these modern countertop ovens that have many features than the past ones including the digital controls and timers, various accessories and multiple functions.

If you need a guideline about what to look for in a best toaster oven, there are only 3 major concerns that you need to consider: Size, Functions, and Price. By considering these 3 areas of concerns, you will surely get the toaster oven that’s best suited for you.

Top 10 Best Toaster Oven

With numerous toaster oven available nowadays, finding the perfect one for you can be an overwhelming task. In order to ease your worries, here are the Top 10 Best Toaster Oven rated according to their size, functions and price.

  1. BLACK+DECKER *TO1303SB* 4-Slice 

Oven Toasters are very useful equipment when in a hurry to make something for breakfast before going to work. One of the most in demand oven toasters in the market out there is the BLACK+DECKER TO1303SB 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Silver because of its outstanding features such as a 30-minute timer with a stay-on function, a removable crumb tray, fits a 9 inches pizza and an exclusive even toast modern technology with broil rack and bake pan included.

If you are looking for something that can give back your money’s worth, buying this one will never be a mistake. It toasts bread evenly and it’s an easy alternative to a full-sized oven for re-heating some small items. Aside from that, its three dials are very easy to set and this toaster has an instruction sheet to make even the whole process simpler and easier.

  1. Breville Smart Oven 1800 Watt Convection Oven *BOV800XL*

This is another toaster oven that has a huge demand in the market today for its great features. It is the only toaster oven so far that has 5 quartz heating elements, has 3 rack positions, LCD screen and has a very user-friendly control panel and many more.

It is certainly one of the best oven that are really worth one’s money because it is a high-quality product with numerous handy and smart features. It is also very easy to use and the oven door has some magnetized areas that impressively pull the oven rack half-way out when you open the oven’s door.

There are markings also on the glass door that tells the user which position to put the oven toaster’s rack in, whether in the middle, on the top or at the bottom, depending on what the user is cooking. (Further information: The Helping Kitchen)

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